Welcome to the first annual municipal equipment fleet academy!

The contest will start at 11am June 20th

  • The competitors will be scheduled for judging (first come /first serve)

  • I encourage everyone to RSVP to secure your place on the list.

  • Names will move up on the list as competitors are scored or eliminated.

  • Scoring based on safety first, thoroughness second and speed.

    • Minor safety gigs will count against you

    • Minor missed items will count against you

    • Major safety gig will eliminate you

    • Major missed items will eliminate you

    • Winner shall have the best time with the least amount of gigs

  • Once you are scored you won’t be required to be present.

        (To ensure you can attend other training)

  • Contest could take both days. It really depends on the number that registers to compete.   

The winner will win a cash prize and a trophy for their agency. (The trophy will follow the winning agency each year)  

*Note: The mechanics don’t need to be enrolled in the BIT class, but it will help them keep from being eliminated and be more competitive.

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